Colorado River Watch Network
(CRWN) Water Quality Data
Retrieve water quality information collected by trained volunteer water quality monitors

Move your cursor over the map on the right to locate sites within the Colorado River basin where volunteer monitors collect data. Click on a red or gray icon to retrieve detailed water quality information for the site. Or you can skip the map and go directly to the table listing stream segments and sites. The information on CRWN's water quality data site is principally designed for use by volunteer water quality monitors and is subject to revision.
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Data from these index sites is used to characterize the general water quality of the Colorado River, its main tributaries and the Highland Lakes.

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Default Map Areas:

LCRA's Water Quality Data website allows you to select one of eight map locations to highlight. The maps range from the Upper Northeast region near Abilene to the Highland Lakes area to the City of Austin and down to the Gulf Coast at Matagorda Bay.
Stream Overlay:

Toggle this checkbox to add and remove water features from the map. As you zoom in further on the map the water features become more detailed.
County Boundaries:

Toggle this checkbox to add and remove counties from the map. County boundaries are available for the entire state of Texas.
Watershed Overlay:

Toggle this checkbox to add and remove watersheds from the map. Watersheds are available for the Colorado River basin and are more detailed in and around the City of Austin.
CRWN Monitoring Locations:

These sites are currently being monitored.
CRWN Monitoring Locations:

These sites are not currently being monitored, but have been monitored in the past.