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Data Entry

Site IDDescription Number of Images
Segment 1304 Caney Creek Tidal
249Caney Creek at DroskesGraph Data0
167Caney Creek at ICWWGraph Data0
300Caney Creek at Kriegel'sGraph Data0
193Linville Creek at Boone RoadGraph Data0
252Smith Site-Dead Caney CrkGraph Data0
Segment 1305 Caney Creek Above Tidal
159Caney Creek at 457 & 521Graph Data0
Segment 1401 Colorado River Tidal
312Colorado River at Hwy 521 LCRA ParkGraph Data55
410Colorado River at MatagordaGraph Data0
360Colorado River at Matagorda Nature CenterGraph Data66
61Colorado River at Selkirk IslandGraph Data0
190Three Mile Cut near Hwy 2031Graph Data6
Segment 1402 Colorado River Below LaGrange
214Buckners Creek at Country Club Rd.Graph Data0
59Colorado River at Beason's Park ColumbusGraph Data184
462Colorado River at Blue Willow FarmGraph Data4
210Colorado River at Brandt River Bottom Rd.Graph Data0
350Colorado River at Bus Hwy 71 Bridge ColumbusGraph Data3
246Colorado River at Bus Hwy 71 La GrangeGraph Data19
338Colorado River at Howell Canoe ColumbusGraph Data13
221Colorado River at Hwy 35 Bay CityGraph Data0
395Colorado River at MBNC Bay CityGraph Data187
430Colorado River at Pecan Valley WhartonGraph Data0
60Colorado River at Riverfront Park WhartonGraph Data44
304Colorado River at Riverside Park Bay CityGraph Data91
155Colorado River at Stein RanchGraph Data0
56Colorado River at White Rock Park La GrangeGraph Data20
291Cummins Creek at Aschenbeck'sGraph Data0
57Lake Fayette at Nature TrailGraph Data0
Segment 1403 Lake Austin
150Bee Creek at Westlake DriveGraph Data0
72Bee Creek at Wild Basin PreserveGraph Data68
236Bull Creek above 2222Graph Data8
34Bull Creek at 2222Graph Data0
215Bull Creek at Loop 360Graph Data7
208Bull Creek at St. Edwards ParkGraph Data75
381Buttermilk CreekGraph Data9
200Coldwater Creek above Lake AustinGraph Data0
201Dry Creek above Lake AustinGraph Data0
98Eanes Creek at Camp CraftGraph Data0
97Eanes Creek at Lady Bird LakeGraph Data0
33Furtado Creek at Old Spicewood Springs RdGraph Data120
317Lake Austin above Tom Miller DamGraph Data0
323Lake Austin at City ParkGraph Data6
203Lake Austin at Commons Ford ParkGraph Data2
296Lake Austin at Dock 1302Graph Data0
32Lake Austin at Walsh Boat LandingGraph Data19
27Lake Austin below Mansfield DamGraph Data6
204Panther Hollow Creek above Lake AustinGraph Data4
456TilcajeteGraph Data1
455Tilcajete 1Graph Data2
Segment 1404 Lake Travis
415Baker SpringGraph Data82
340Bee Creek at Bee Creek RoadGraph Data26
347Bloody Hollow Creek at 1431Graph Data0
409Collins GrottoGraph Data93
420Concordia PondGraph Data0
320Cow Creek at Cow Creek RoadGraph Data229
26Cypress Creek at 2769Graph Data64
158Cypress Creek at 2769 PondGraph Data0
24Gillum Creek at River Fern CourtGraph Data0
14Hairston Creek at Hwy 335Graph Data0
20Hurst Creek at Ladin LaneGraph Data0
411Hurst Creek at Lakeway Municipal CourtGraph Data2
414Kretschmarr Salamander CaveGraph Data7
241Lake Travis at Arrowhead PointGraph Data0
23Lake Travis at Commanders Point HarborGraph Data0
245Lake Travis at Cypress CoveGraph Data0
127Lake Travis at Cypress Crk Anderson Mill MarinaGraph Data0
393Lake Travis at Dodd Street MarinaGraph Data19
250Lake Travis at Flat Rock CoveGraph Data0
273Lake Travis at Gregg PointGraph Data0
19Lake Travis at Hurst HarborGraph Data69
156Lake Travis at Lago Vista POA MarinaGraph Data80
22Lake Travis at Lakeway MarinaGraph Data0
390Lake Travis at Mansfield Dam ParkGraph Data216
225Lake Travis at Trails EndGraph Data0
463Lake Travis at Travis LandingGraph Data0
412Lake Travis at VIP MarinaGraph Data0
324Post Oak CreekGraph Data18
408Upper SAS Canyon SpringGraph Data60
Segment 1405 Marble Falls Lake
12Backbone Creek above Lake Marble FallsGraph Data0
11Backbone Creek at BroadwayGraph Data0
102Lake Marble Falls at Lakeside ParkGraph Data192
406Lake Marble Falls at Lakeview Dr Cottonwood ShoresGraph Data2
432Lake Marble Falls at Los EscondidosGraph Data0
445Lake Marble Falls at Meadow Lakes Dr.Graph Data0
443Lake Marble Falls at Noah Thompson ParkGraph Data3
Segment 1406 Lake Lyndon B. Johnson
392Dry Branch Creek at Bay W BlvdGraph Data0
284Lake LBJ above the Llano RiverGraph Data0
169Lake LBJ at Camp ChampionsGraph Data3
417Lake LBJ at Ferguson Power PlantGraph Data8
212Lake LBJ at Highway 1431Graph Data0
419Lake LBJ at Horseshoe Bay LighthouseGraph Data0
438Lake LBJ at Horseshoe Bay MarinaGraph Data0
453Lake LBJ at Impala IsleGraph Data0
467Lake LBJ at KeelGraph Data0
465Lake LBJ at Lake PointGraph Data0
10Lake LBJ at Landing StripGraph Data25
404Lake LBJ at McNair ParkGraph Data3
468Lake LBJ at Pack SaddleGraph Data0
442Lake LBJ at Quail Point Community CenterGraph Data3
421Lake LBJ at Sunrise Beach at E. LakeshoreGraph Data0
254Lake LBJ at Sunrise Beach at Princess TerraceGraph Data0
355Lake LBJ at Sunset Point ParkGraph Data2
464Lake LBJ at West RanchGraph Data0
202Sandy Creek at Co. Rd 310Graph Data0
391Walnut Creek at Granite Shoals DrGraph Data4
Segment 1407 Inks Lake
175Inks Lake at Inks Lake State Park StoreGraph Data13
197Inks Lake below Camp LonghornGraph Data0
Segment 1408 Lake Buchanan
195Colorado River at Colorado Bend State ParkGraph Data2
440Lake Buchanan at Black Rock Dr.Graph Data0
399Lake Buchanan at Burnet County ParkGraph Data38
441Lake Buchanan at CassiesGraph Data2
285Lake Buchanan at Council CreekGraph Data0
328Lake Buchanan at Hi-Line ResortGraph Data0
213Lake Buchanan at Hwy 29 LCRA swim areaGraph Data1
181Lake Buchanan at Paradise PointGraph Data0
196Spicewood Creek above Colorado RiverGraph Data0
Segment 1410 Colorado River Below O. H. Ivie Reservoir
9Colorado River at HWY 16 GoldthwaiteGraph Data0
342Colorado River at Winchell BridgeGraph Data0
Segment 1414 Pedernales River
413Barons Creek @ Old San Antonio HwyGraph Data0
303Barons Creek at Frantzen Park FredricksburgGraph Data0
397Barons Creek at Hwy 290Graph Data0
368Cypress Creek at Hammetts CrossingGraph Data2
439Dead Mans HoleGraph Data0
424Flat Creek at FM 201Graph Data2
358Hamilton PoolGraph Data1
171Heinz Creek at Westcave PreserveGraph Data0
426Honey CreekGraph Data1
286Lake Madrone at Bamberger RanchGraph Data0
180Lick Creek below Pedernales Canyon TrailGraph Data0
339Lick Creek East BranchGraph Data0
327Lick Creek West BranchGraph Data0
184Live Oak Creek at RR 2093Graph Data0
185Live Oak Creek below RR 2093Graph Data0
416Lower South Grape Creek @307 Luchenbach RdGraph Data0
459Lower South Grape Creek at HWY 290Graph Data0
425Pedernales HeadwatersGraph Data2
15Pedernales River at 281Graph Data0
292Pedernales River at Buffalo CrossingGraph Data0
3Pedernales River at Hammetts CrossingGraph Data45
319Pedernales River at HarperGraph Data0
431Pedernales River at LBJ DamGraph Data28
173Pedernales River at LBJ NHP Hodges Dam- RR 1623Graph Data74
170Pedernales River at LBJ NHP, PR49Graph Data81
294Pedernales River at Pedernales Falls State ParkGraph Data2
423Pedernales River at Pedernales Place ParkGraph Data0
382Pogue SpringsGraph Data1
383Reimers Ranch Park at Climbers CanyonGraph Data0
325Town Creek at Johnson SettlementGraph Data2
348Williams Creek at the Pedernales RiverGraph Data4
Segment 1415 Llano River
183Llano River above Johnson ForkGraph Data8
356Llano River at CR 2389Graph Data2
242Llano River at Highway 87Graph Data0
148Llano River at Robinson ParkGraph Data0
248Llano River at RR 3404Graph Data216
276Llano River at Scotts SlabGraph Data28
469Llano River at Valentine Lakeside ResortGraph Data0
435Llano River at Willow CreekGraph Data0
275Llano River below Hwy 16Graph Data0
281Llano River below Llano WWTPGraph Data0
199Llano River near CastellGraph Data0
394South Llano River at City ParkGraph Data24
307South Llano River at Flatrock LaneGraph Data0
361South Llano River at South Llano River State ParkGraph Data0
Segment 1416 San Saba River
389San Saba River at Maxwell's CrossingGraph Data42
146San Saba River at Risien ParkGraph Data49
Segment 1420 Pecan Bayou Above Lake Brownwood
8Lake Brownwood at Hwy 279Graph Data0
Segment 1427 Onion Creek
222Bear Creek at Crystal Hills DriveGraph Data2
362Bear Creek at Davis RanchGraph Data11
450Bear Creek at Evergreen WayGraph Data7
297Bear Creek at Wildwood HillsGraph Data10
310Blue Creek at Blue Creek DrGraph Data0
333Little Bear Creek at Lower Check DamGraph Data0
111Onion Creek above Upper McKinney FallsGraph Data0
113Onion Creek at BudaGraph Data7
349Onion Creek at Creek Rd.Graph Data5
48Onion Creek at Fincher RdGraph Data0
2Onion Creek at Hwy 190/220Graph Data0
345Onion Creek at Salt LickGraph Data6
45Onion Creek at William CannonGraph Data0
112Onion Creek below Lower McKinney FallsGraph Data0
239Pier Branch above Onion CreekGraph Data4
346Slaughter Creek at 1826 WQPLGraph Data3
330Williamson Creek at Dove Springs ParkGraph Data4
253Williamson Creek at Old Bee Caves RdGraph Data8
373Williamson Creek below Old Bee Caves RoadGraph Data40
178Williamson Creek immediately above Onion CrkGraph Data0
Segment 1428 Colorado River Below Lady Bird Lake
452Black Willow Creek @ Riverside Farms Rd site 1Graph Data0
436Boggy at 38 1/2Graph Data52
407Boggy at Sustainable Food CenterGraph Data6
427Boggy Creek at RosewoodGraph Data34
380Boggy Creek at U.S. 183Graph Data8
182Colorado River above FM 969Graph Data0
370Colorado River at Colorado VistaGraph Data9
374Colorado River at FM 973Graph Data0
375Colorado River at Little WebbervilleGraph Data2
329Colorado River at Montopolis BridgeGraph Data7
403Colorado River at Mud Outdoor CenterGraph Data10
154Colorado River at Old Ford on Hornsby BendGraph Data3
379Colorado River at WebbervilleGraph Data5
283Colorado River at Windmill RanchGraph Data0
46Colorado River below Longhorn DamGraph Data0
433East Country Club Creek above Grove StreetGraph Data1
418Giannini Creek at PflugervilleGraph Data2
428Gilleland at IOSGraph Data0
401Gilleland at Pfluger Park crossoverGraph Data22
367Gilleland Creek at EdgemereGraph Data18
364Gilleland Creek at Grand Avenue ParkwayGraph Data7
363Gilleland Creek at Picadilly LaneGraph Data6
28Gilleland Creek at Railroad Ave.Graph Data119
369Gilleland Creek at Swenson FarmsGraph Data57
365Gilleland Creek below Bohl ParkGraph Data42
353Gilleland Creek near Pflugerville High SchoolGraph Data8
449Little Walnut at WillametteGraph Data22
108Little Walnut Creek at Peyton GinGraph Data6
224Little Walnut Creek near Dobie Middle SchoolGraph Data0
434Montopolis WetlandGraph Data2
378Oak Springs Spillway above Boggy CreekGraph Data2
376Tannehill Creek at Boggy CreekGraph Data0
238Walnut Creek at IH-35Graph Data51
290Walnut Creek at MetricGraph Data251
30Wells Branch at Thermal Dr Fire StationGraph Data0
209Wells Branch at Walnut Creek ParkGraph Data20
31Wells Branch Creek at Mills PondGraph Data0
352Wilbarger Creek at Cameron RoadGraph Data2
351Wilbarger Creek at Mammoth Cave BridgeGraph Data6
Segment 1429 Lady Bird Lake
77Blunn Creek at Blunn Nature PreserveGraph Data55
228Blunn Creek at Little Stacy ParkGraph Data4
35Eanes Creek Tributary near Camp Craft RoadGraph Data0
288East Bouldin Creek at Dawson ParkGraph Data4
336East Bouldin Creek at MiltonGraph Data0
229Lady Bird Lake above Longhorn DamGraph Data28
332Lady Bird Lake at Austin Youth HostelGraph Data11
335Lady Bird Lake at 2.5 mile markerGraph Data4
315Lady Bird Lake at Fiesta GardensGraph Data42
168Lady Bird Lake at Red Bud IsleGraph Data9
233Lady Bird Lake at SRV statueGraph Data7
331Lady Bird Lake at West Bouldin CreekGraph Data1
43Shoal Creek at 4thGraph Data0
119Shoal Creek at 5thGraph Data0
121Shoal Creek at Northwest ParkGraph Data46
448Shoal Creek at Seiders SpringGraph Data1
237Shoal Creek below 34th streetGraph Data87
44Waller Creek at 24th St.Graph Data0
244Waller Creek at Lady Bird LakeGraph Data2
220Waller Creek at Waller Creek Center 9th StreetGraph Data10
Segment 1430 Barton Creek
40Barton Creek Above PoolGraph Data4
207Barton Creek at Barton Crk Habitat PreserveGraph Data0
206Barton Creek at Bell Springs RoadGraph Data9
18Barton Creek at Hwy 71Graph Data0
39Barton Creek at Lost Crk BlvdGraph Data52
16Barton Creek at Trautwein RoadGraph Data11
386Barton Creek at Triple Creek RanchGraph Data133
357Barton Creek at Twin BouldersGraph Data10
42Barton Creek at Zenobia SpringsGraph Data0
223Barton Creek below Barton Springs PoolGraph Data8
70Barton Creek below BCPGraph Data0
217Barton Creek Near St. MichaelsGraph Data0
457Little Barton Creek at Destiny HillsGraph Data12
458Little Barton Creek at ProvenceGraph Data14
318Rocky Branch Creek near Crumley Ranch RdGraph Data290
359Rocky Creek at Shield RanchGraph Data13
Segment 1431 Mid Pecan Bayou
7Pecan Bayou at 10 mile crossingGraph Data0
Segment 1434 Colorado River above La Grange
371Big Sandy Creek at ConfluenceGraph Data13
474Colorado River across from Ferry Park Hwy 71Graph Data0
343Colorado River at 969 Bridge UtleyGraph Data79
337Colorado River at Bob Bryant Park BastropGraph Data117
473Colorado River at CCRGraph Data0
235Colorado River at Egypt Rd.Graph Data0
429Colorado River at El Camino BastropGraph Data0
53Colorado River at Fisherman's Park BastropGraph Data2
354Colorado River at Hwy 95, SmithvilleGraph Data65
372Colorado River at Lost Pines Nature TrailsGraph Data121
472Colorado River at Lower Wood LaneGraph Data0
234Colorado River at Plum ParkGraph Data0
243Colorado River at Wilbarger BendGraph Data15
55Colorado River below Highway 71 SmithvilleGraph Data94
51Colorado River below Tahitian VillageGraph Data0
226Dogwood Creek below SH 95Graph Data5
54Gazley Creek at Loop 230Graph Data0
385Piney Creek at Riverwood DrGraph Data22
384Wilbarger Creek at Lower Elgin RoadGraph Data163
387Wilbarger Creek at Parsons RoadGraph Data3
388Wilbarger Creek at Upper Elgin RoadGraph Data12
Segment 1501 Tres Palacios Creek Tidal
189Tres Palacios River at Hwy 521Graph Data0
263Tres Palacios River at Polasek HomeGraph Data0
Segment 1502 Tres Palacios Creek Above Tidal
216Tres Palacios Creek at El Campo Middle SchoolGraph Data0
Segment 2451 Matagorda Bay/Powderhorn Lake
191Mad Island Marsh PreserveGraph Data0
Segment 2452 Tres Palacios Bay/Turtle Bay
402Carancahua BayGraph Data0
166Cashs Creek at FM 2853Graph Data0
187Texas State Marine Education CenterGraph Data0
Segment 2454 Cox Bay
177Cox's CreekGraph Data0